The East Asian Economic Association (EAEA)

The East Asian Economic Association (EAEA) was established in 1987 as the first international academic organization to focus on the economics of East Asia, comprising Northeast and Southeast Asia. The Association has since expanded and encompasses South Asia as defined by the SAARC countries. Members from all around the world are most welcome to join.

The core activities of the EAEA include publishing a quarterly journal, the Asian Economic Journal, and holding biannual international conference. This website provides links to information about the EAEA, its biannual international conference, and the Asian Economic Journal.

Administrative Officers and EAEA Office


  • HILL, Hal. Australian National University

Vice Presidents

  • URATA, Shujiro Waseda. University
  • ALDABA, Fernando, Ateneo de Manila University

Honorary Advisors

  • ABE, Shigeyuki. Doshisha University
  • ICHIMURA, Shinichi. Kyoto University
  • KOHSAKA, Akira. Osaka University
  • LEE, Hyun-Jae. The National Academy of Sciences
  • LIM, Chong-Yah. Nanyang Technological University
  • YOO, Jang-Hee. The National Academy of Sciences


  • DAI, Erbaio, Asian Growth Research Institute
  • DEVADASON, Evelyn S., University of Malaya
  • DU, Julan, Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • HUANG, Yiping, Peking University
  • ITO, Keiko, Chiba University
  • KIMURA, Fukunari, Keio University
  • KUNCORO, Ari, University of Indonesia
  • LEE, Keun, Seoul National University
  • LIN, Ming-Jen, National Taiwan University
  • PARSONS, Craig R., Yokohama National University
  • QUAH, Euston, National University of Singapore
  • THANGAVELU, Shandre M., Sunway University, Univ. of Adelaide
  • WOO, Wing Thye, University of California, Davis

See more information at http://www.eaeaweb.com/eaea-conventions

The Journal

The EAEA publishes the Asian Economic Journal quarterly. The journal provides detailed coverage of a wide range of topics in economics relating to East Asia, including investigation of current research, international comparisons, and country studies. It is a forum for debate amongst theorists, practitioners, and researchers, and publishes high quality theoretical, empirical, and policy-oriented contributions.

The journal strives to facilitate the exchange of information among researchers on a worldwide basis and offers a unique opportunity for economists to keep abreast of research on the most salient economic issues pertaining to East Asia. For those with an interest in Asia, this kind of vital information makes the Asian Economic Journal an essential resource.

Editorial Office


  • Shandre Thangavelu

Managing Editors

  • Keiko Ito
  • Craig R. Parsons
  • Chih-Hai Yang